A picture of an english teapot with an american flag and the text "Instructions for American Servicement in Britain"

Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain

Friday 22nd March 2019

A picture of an english teapot with an american flag and the text "Instructions for American Servicement in Britain"


In 1942 the United States War Department distributed a booklet to American Servicemen on the peculiarities of the ‘British, their country, and their ways’. With roots in the Edinburgh Fringe and based on the genuine handbook called ‘Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain’,  Fol Espoi and the sketch-comedy trio of the Real MacGuffins created this fabulously funny show.


The Handbook – A Snapshot of Englandpicture of the cover of the booklet

“We know about this small book only because a curator in the Bodleian Library rediscovered it in 2005 and it was then republished. The director, John Walton, stumbled across it in a bookshop and thought it was such an “endearing snapshot” of England that it deserved to be made into a show, roping in the Fringe-tastic comedy trio the Real MacGuffins.” – Ann Treneman, The Times


Yankee Horde 1942

Dan March, centre, as the American major, with Matthew Sheahan, left, as the “token Brit” and James Millard as Lieutenant Schultz

A horde of Yankee servicemen arrived in England where the locals speak a strange dialect, boil all their food, and talk endlessly about the weather. So they see the Brits as a strange race. Judge for yourself in a night of joyous laughter and downright silliness because a crack team of experts, the Real MacGuffins, explain the rules of British Life through humour. The comedy highlights the differences in English language, pronunciation and the absurdities of the English currency whilst it builds upon the audience’s almost hysterical guffaws and groans in this comedy of British Manners.


 “They skillfully carry off asides and interjections, and with much disparaging of both American and English sides, it never seems like an unfair attack on either.” Sophie Adnitt, Off West End

“increasingly over-the-top but gloriously hilarious.” Chris Omaweng, London Theatre Reviews

“It’s sub-Dad’s Army crossed with Monty Python” Ann Treneman, The Times

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For more information please contact Mike Walker here.

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