Tropical Vizions Steel Band

Friday 16th March 2018 at 7.30 pm

Tropikal Vizions Band

“Tropikal Vizions have been sharing their unique sounds of the Caribbean around the world for many years… enjoyed by anyone and everyone even if they are not musically minded….It is the youngest instrument in the world……originated in Trinidad ….

…. we have shared our unique sound with passengers on P&O CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINERS for many years and we would love to share our authentic music with you”  – Evers Powell.

The steel drum is an idiophone traditionally made from an old oil drum, but today from high quality steel. The bottom of the oil drum was first pounded into a bowl, then shaped with hammers to form distinct resonating surfaces.

It did originate from Trinidad in the 1930s and locally the drums are called pans, and the players, pannists.  Winston ‘Spree’ Simon of the John Steel Band is credited with making the first Pan, and in 1946 had an audience with the Governor and performed Ave Maria and God save the King!

Tropikal Vizions steel band

The band play a range of styles from traditional island songs, to recent pop songs, as well as reggae, bringing a real taste of the Caribbean to the evening.  You might like to find a colourful shirt or top with bright Caribbean colours to wear, or perhaps you have a straw or sun hat and we will come up with some cocktails so that you can sit back, relax, and dream that you are on cruise ship.

As Evers said to me “we like to make people feel happy and enjoy themselves”.

Don’t think I can add to that! But look forward to seeing you on our Caribbean Evening.

Tickets £12 Adults/£6 children available from Burway Books, John Thomas Florist, or C.S. Town Council or on line here.

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For more information please ‘phone 01694 720132

Mike Walker

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The Silvester Horne Institute is available for hire.

The main auditorium and balcony seats 200 people. In addition there is the Christine Harvey Room, Council Chamber and committee room and Kitchen. These facilities can be booked separately. Please contact the Council Offices (Town Council Office 01694 722113) for more information.

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