Pictures of the four musicians

Casablanca Steps

Friday 19th October 2018 at 7.30 pm

One of the most experienced and established 1920s / 30s musical acts in Europe, The Casablanca Steps are four individual and talented performers unequalled in their field who recreate the authentic musical ambience of the 1920s and 30s when the “Charleston” was all the rage and the swells were “Putting On The Ritz”. Pictures of the four musicians

Their performance is world class with over 40 TV shows throughout the UK and Europe to their credit. They have entertained at festivals, theatres, cruise lines and private parties globally with great acclaim. They have rubbed shoulders with celebrities and Royalty, being personal favourite of Prince Philip after their performance for him at St James Palace, London.

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Unique Sound and Harmonies

Their totally unique sound and authentic three part vocal harmonies, combined with a quintessentially English visual element of serious “tongue in cheek” humour make their show a unique experience for all ages.

This is a good opportunity to see this talented entertaining and popular band, whom I have known for a long while. So indulge in an evening with Wooten, Clarke, Edwardo and Pico – Four great performers who really know how to entertain.

Wooten Boetard

Wooten Boetard

Trombone, vocals and eyebrows. Following a narrow escape on the Titanic where he was working as a scullery maid, Wotten vowed to give up his former profession (though not the silk stockings) and formed The Casablanca Steps.

Clark Deville

Clarke Deville

Guitar Vocals and Psychiatric counselling. He’s got rhythm. And music And my gal too. Who can ask for anything more? Well just in case you could he’s also got several small islands in the Pacific.



Piano, vocals & limitless talents. Former page 4 model and diet water addict, the charming raconteur joined The Casablanc Steps because of his love of the finer things in life. Perhaps his public school experiences explain his eccentric behaviour, and perhaps they don’t.

Pico Boon lll

Pico Boon lll

Double Bass & centre parting. Pico has had a distinguished career as a War correspondent, chef and billiard player. Following The “Steps” recently being stranded on the Cape Verde islands they have at last found a use for the Double Bass and case, both of which make ideal canoes.

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