The Poobahs

The Poobahs

Friday 21st September 2018 at 7.30 pm

The PoobahsWe are all set for a good start for our Autumn Programme of Friday Night at the Horne and launch with The Poobahs.

This is nothing to do with Poo-Bah, the haughty and inflated character in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado, although the band tell us they chose the name with their collective tongue firmly in their cheek!

The Poobahs don’t want to change the world, they just want to play music they love in a variety of genres, ranging from Western Swing to Celtic fiddle tunes; from Tex-Mex to Dartford Delta Blues.

The members of the band are certainly qualified to cover all those bases with John Hymas’s rich violin and lively accordion weaving between Dave Luke’s warm vocals and understated guitar, all underpinned by Clovis Phillips’s dextrous but tasteful bass-playing and George Jackson’s solid, subtle percussion.

The Poobahs’ toe-tapping, soul-soothing music and great versatility bring undeniable class to an evening in the Silvester Horne.

We will be pleased to welcome you back with a glass of wine or beer or soft drink which is included in your ticket.

Tickets £10 available from John Thomas Florist, Burway Books, or C.S.Town Council office or on line here….

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For more information please ‘phone 01694 720132

Mike Walker

A Friday Night at the Horne event

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Book now
Also from:

Burway Books 01694 723388,
John Thomas Florist 01694 722194
Town Council Office 01694 722113

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The Silvester Horne Institute is available for hire.

The main auditorium and balcony seats 200 people. In addition there is the Christine Harvey Room, Council Chamber and committee room and Kitchen. These facilities can be booked separately. Please contact the Council Offices (Town Council Office 01694 722113) for more information.

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