My Sweet Patootie

Sandra Swannell, Terry Young and John Jackson.

Non-Stop Show

Sandra Swannell, Terry Young, and percussionist John Jackson
My Sweet Patootie’s non-stop show

My Sweet Patootie is a non-stop acoustic show from Canada, embracing the fun that makes live music so intoxicating. “With a sly wink and a grin, they draw you into a world of carnival barkers and nostalgic romantics, making you feel part of it”.

The dynamic trio features Canadian Folk Music Award winners singer-violinist Sandra Swannell and singer-fingerstyle guitar virtuoso Terry Young along with Devonshire’s ricky-tick percussionist John Jackson.

Uplifting and Humorous

So expect shades of vintage swing, country blues, folk and ragtime in an uplifting and humorous show, performed with vocal harmonies and instrumental virtuosity.

Original Song Writing

The band’s name “My Sweet Patootie” is 1920’s North American slang, a term of endearment meaning “hot dame” or “sassy sweetheart”. Their approach to creating captures their original song writing ‘s vintage flavour and their cheeky approach to creating memorable performances.

With their arsenal of instrumental virtuosity combined with alternating humour and sincerity, and unflagging energy they filled the hall with joy”

Bill Monahan, Meaford Live Music 

A winning combination of world-class musicians and great entertainers

Rondo Theatre

“Swing, folk, country and nostalgia collide head-on in a most pleasing fashion ….. My Sweet Patootie 4 out of 4 stars!

Maverick Magazine

Tickets Adult £12, Child £6 available from John Thomas Florist, Burway Books or C.S. Council Office or book on-line…

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For more information please ‘phone 01694 720132.
Mike Walker


Bowjangles' legend of excalibow


Friday 14 December 2018 at 7.30pm

Bowjangles' legend of excalibowIntrepid string quartet Bowjangles presents its most magical show so far - The Legend of Excalibow. A theatrical, musical journey through myths, folklore, legends and a portal in a cello case in the quest to find the most priceless relic of all - a magical violin bow known as Excalibow.

You can expect tales of monsters, ancient gods, historical figures and characters of pure fantasy in this action packed show, all presented in Bowjangles’ own inimitable and unique style, full of comedy, energy, panache and almost every musical genre you can imagine.

Excalibow is Bowjangles latest Edinburgh Fringe Festival offering marks the troupe’s 10th year together.  Described as a

...................."pastiche of fairy tales, with characters who are fun and fantastical, and the ever –changing mood created by the performers and their instruments is nothing short of masterful. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more talented group …….’  Steve Griffin reviewer, Edinburgh 49.

We are very fortunate to have them here in December and thank Arts Alive for their support.

The show is suitable for all ages. May contain traces of Abba!

Tickets £12 adult Child (18 and under) £8 available from Burway Books, John Thomas Florist or C.S. Town Council Office or on line

For more information please contact Mike Walker here.

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A Friday Night at the Horne eventFriday Night at the Horne

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Burway Books 01694 723388,
John Thomas Florist 01694 722194
Town Council Office 01694 722113


picture of tim chu and ian bailey

Friday 23rd November 2018 at 7.30 pm

We are pleased to welcome back singer songwriters Tim Chu and Ian Bailey. They will be presenting “A Celebration of Simon and Garfunkel” billed by the BBC “as the UK’s leading non tribute show currently dazzling live music lovers throughout the UK.”

Tim chu and ian bailey who perform simon and garfunkel music
We have had many requests both from those saw the show and those who missed the exceptional performance by Tim and Ian, last year.

These two talented professional musicians, from the North West of England, have grown up listening to the music of Simon and Garfunkel. Both the composition and vocal blend has a strong influence on their respective careers. They deliver the music in their own unique way that honouring the original recordings, without falling into the regular tribute act category. So no costumes, wigs, or make up! Just two great musicians producing an ambient collection of Simon &Garfunkel’s much loved hits.
“Everyone loves the music of Simon & Garfunkel and for me no one has created it better than Tim and Ian. The concert simply blew me away” Phil Cool, TV comedian, impressionist, and musician.

Tickets Adult £12 Child £6 available from Burway Books, John Thomas Florist, or C.S.Town Council Office or on-line here

Book nowFor more information please ‘phone Mike Walker 01694 720132



A Friday Night at the Horne eventFriday Night at the Horne

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Also from:

Burway Books 01694 723388,
John Thomas Florist 01694 722194
Town Council Office 01694 722113